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According to a study of European university, about 40% of all Internet users regularly play gambling slots online. According to other sources, this indicator is about 60% and even more. It all depends on the country, the age of the respondents and even the time of year. Some make sports bets or spend evenings at the virtual poker table, others play roulette, but the most number of gamblers prefer slot machines. Still gambling is banned in a plenty of countries. However, at the same time, the sphere of gambling is developing incredibly fast. Experts say that each year the market of gambling clubs and slot machines is growing 40-45% more.



Australia has a certain administrative division, it consists of 6 states, 3 mainland territories and several external ones. Moreover, each administrative unit has a separate legislation that regulates gambling activities . Licensing requirements are also different in each territory.

Therefore, in order to choose a jurisdiction for obtaining a license, one must first determine the territory where the activity will be performed. Most of the territories provide licenses for sweepstakes and betting activities in certain jurisdictions. Virtual sport bets can be legalized in the Northern Territory, Norfolk Island provides licenses for online bookmakers.

General requirements for licenses on Australian territories

Although the legislation of each administrative unit is different and requires thorough examination and consideration by the applicant, it is still possible to single out general requirements in force in all jurisdictions:

  • compliance of all requirements of the law and cooperation with law enforcement agencies;
  • creation of a physically comfortable gaming environment;
  • the creation of conditions for safe financial transactions, in this case it is meant to exclude any risks associated with financial transactions, for example, ATMs with cash should not be placed in the casino, a limit should be set on cash withdrawals, etc .;
  • advertising for Australian citizens is prohibited, but foreign citizens are allowed;
  • casino staff must have a high qualification and level of training, as well as be proficient in several languages;
  • the work of the casino should be fair and transparent, assisting in the work on anti-money laundering;
  • complete confidentiality and protection of personal information of casino customers.


Fighting government online casinos


As online gambling platforms continue their developing, Australian authorities have tightened existing laws regarding illegal gambling. Australian government has been fighting against online gambling for several years: it prohibits advertising of sports betting during the daytime, threatens betting lovers with confiscation of their computers, and prohibits playing online poker using offshore operators.

The new rules were established after Racing Australia, the authority that controls the horse racing industry in Australia, said that illegal gambling platforms are taking hundreds of millions of Australian dollars.



Meanwhile, a study by Australian research company Roy Morgan found that online betting is at its peak of profitability, despite the fact that a much smaller number of online gamblers actually make bets.


In accordance with the new regulations, players who use gambling sites for illegal betting on horse racing will have to face such penalties as the seizure of phones or computers by local authorities.

In addition, more than a year ago, the Australian government completely banned virtual poker. All those illegal portals, as well as money transfers associated with them, began to block in large quantities, and users did not receive any legal alternatives.

In fact, the state made an unreasonable mistake banning the ability to play poker in online mode, because they did not stop playing, but turned to other illegal and less reliable casinos that ignore Australian laws for many years.


The future of gambling in Australia


Much of the attention of Australian lawmakers in the field of gambling is aimed at regulating poker simulators. Politicians said that anti-gambling legislation development ia a main priority, and trying to limit the poker games, they fulfilled some idea that ‚Äč‚Äčintroducing “smart cards” which in their turn will control money amount that a player can spend by setting a limit of money that can be lost during playing.


Under the circumstances, virtual casinos managed avoiding the Australian legislature scrutiny, mostly due to the fact that they are outside the real competence of parliament. And since the Government had decided preliminarily not to legalize virtual poker and in-game bets, contrary to general expectations, Australian players can continue using online gambling clubs, rejoicing that Interactive Gambling this is not a subject of the law.

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